Shutters I Color & Mounting Options

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Color Options

Standard White Paint Shutters
Standard Whites

Choose from a
selection of six standard “white” color options.

Custom Colors

We offer an unlimited
custom color palette to fit
any design need.

new window shutters
Wood Stains

Our 23 wood stain options highlight the whole Basswood of our shutters. Want something unique? We have custom stains, too.


Hinge Color Options

home shutters interior


door hinge


door hinge


door hinge

Oil Bronze

door hinge




Shutters can be mounted outside the window opening, inside, or in a hybrid way called the “Z mount.” One of our at-home design consultants can help you determine the right option for your space.

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Shutters Top Down View


An inside-mounted shutter, also referred to as a “recess fit,” is positioned just inside your window recess.

Inside mounting ensures the shutter does not stand out from the wall. We recommend inside mounting for a clean, polished look.

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An outside-mounted shutter, also referred to as a “face fit,” is affixed to the outside face of your window molding or window surround, meaning it surrounds the window opening.

An outside mount can be fitted to almost any type of frame or directly onto the wall. These frames are ideal for windows with obstructions or those without a recess. We recommend outside mounting to enlarge views and make a more impactful design statement.

inside plantation shutters
inside plantation shutters
Shutters Top Down View


Shaped like the letter Z, this type of mounting has part of the shutter sitting inside the window while the other half is outside, creating a lip.

A Z-mount minimizes light bleed and provides a very finished look while covering any flaws in the window frame. We recommend Z-mounts for older window frames, distressed walls, and worn moldings.


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