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Elizabeth Shutters

Product Warranty

Current Product Warranty: Custom Shutters

Elizabeth Shutters’ custom shutters structure is warranted against manufacturer’s defects for the lifetime of the buyer. The remaining portion of this warranty is transferable to the next home buyer with a bill of home sale and original shutter purchase order.

Elizabeth Shutters’ custom painted shutters finish is warranted against manufacturer’s defects for ten years from the original purchase date.

Elizabeth Shutters’ custom shutters installation is warranted against installation defects for six months from the date of installation. This includes non-structural cosmetic issues such as caulk lines, light gaps and clearances that may change over time due to minor wall movement, minor foundation settling or other factors that may impact the shutter installation. This does not include major wall movement due to new construction, accidents, earthquakes, or other disasters.

Elizabeth Shutters will repair or replace manufacturer and installation defects at our discretion, free of charge. Warranties are limited to: customers with original purchase contracts; custom shutters receiving normal care and maintenance; and shutters remaining in their original opening locations. Manufacturer and installation defects do not include normal wear, fading, moisture damage, misuse, or abuse.

A Note on Other Warranties

Warranties on older and third-party products (blinds, shades, etc.) provided by Elizabeth Shutters may vary. Please check your original purchase order for specific guarantees and specifications.