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Each shutter, blind, or door we craft is specifically built to fit your space. We’re creating something special just for you, and you won’t find that anywhere else.

— Dean Frost, Elizabeth Shutters CEO

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For over 40 years we’ve committed ourselves to providing outstanding quality and service. With 5-star ratings and awards from every major outlet in the industry, our thousands of satisfied customers have made Elizabeth Shutters the highest-rated shutter manufacturer in the western United States.

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We surpass construction standards with over-engineered hardware.

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Enjoy your “green”-manufactured products with a clean conscience.

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Environmentally Sound

Go Green with Elizabeth Shutters

We take protecting the environment seriously. That’s why we only use 100% whole, North American Basswood, a sustainable and renewable resource, for our shutters. Because Basswood is grown faster than it is consumed, the resource is considered “net positive,” meaning that there are no ill effects on carbon emissions, land utilization, and greenhouse gases.

Not only is whole Basswood environmentally responsible, it is far superior to other materials commonly used for shutters. Unlike engineered, plastic, or vinyl-wrapped wood, whole Basswood won’t split, crack, swell, sag, or fall apart. Elizabeth Shutters is the only major shutter manufacturer in California to use 100% whole, North American Basswood for both painted and ready-to-stain shutters.

But we don’t stop our environmental conscience at our wood materials. Elizabeth Shutters also invests in volatile organic compound (VOC) remediation technology for our acrylic lacquer paints, which we use to the maximum extent possible due to their durability. This technology cleanly processes the acrylic lacquer to convert 98.5% of the VOCs into harmless subcomponents, according to the standards of the Southern California Air Quality Management District. Elizabeth Shutters is the only shutter company in the world to use this technology.

Finally, we go above and beyond to ensure all of our products are crafted locally here in our Colton, California, facility. Doing so not only generates local employment, but conserves fossil fuels in shipping.

When you choose Elizabeth Shutters, you choose environmental responsibility.

The Last Honest Shutter Q&A

Polyvinylchloride (PVC/plastic) and Polyurethane (PU/plastic Jell-O) makers use labels like Woodlite, FlexWood, and Thermawhite, but they’re all just synthetic petroleum products trying to look like wood. Unfortunately, they’re also weak, heavy, non-recyclable, and emit toxic fumes in a fire. Most plastic shutters are built to sag and must be lifted in place to open or close. Whole Basswood is much lighter and stronger than plastic. Basswood’s strength and rigidity enable elegant designs, tighter tolerances, and little or no sagging in panels and louvers. Elizabeth Shutters is the world’s only major manufacturer to offer 100% whole Basswood for all painted and stained shutters.

They would if they weren’t made so poorly. Plastic material has a high R, or insulation value, but it sags over time. So, plastic shutters are built with wide gaps between moving pieces to keep them from rubbing as they droop. Air moves through these gaps and reduces insulation. On the other hand, basswood shutters are light and rigid, avoiding most or all the sagging seen in PVC and Polyurethane shutters. Elizabeth Shutters’ products have some of the tightest tolerances and best insulation in the window-coverings industry.
While engineered woods may work fine inside walls and discount furniture where they are protected from external damage, the same cannot be said for shutters. Shutters face daily temperature swings and direct sunlight. In finger-jointed, edge-glued, laminated, plywood, and MDF (fiberboard), every cut and glue joint is another opportunity for sun or moisture to enter and ruin your shutters. These wood and glue mixtures have 10 to 1,000 more joints and cross cuts, causing finish and water damage problems. Eliminate the risk by using only 100% whole basswood for all painted and stained shutters.
Wood shutters can last a lifetime in beach, snow, and foggy areas, but even whole basswood will fail over time if hit repeatedly with water under high pressure. This can occur if there are regular jets of moisture from showers, sinks, and closed windows with broken window seals. (Open windows allow normal passage of air. Normal air flow won’t impact shutters unless there’s rain or misdirected sprinklers.) Elizabeth Shutters recommends and sells shades, blinds, and plastic shutters for bathrooms, kitchens, and windows next to water.
Many companies use independent contractors for manufacturing, installation, re-measuring, and even sales, so you could be dealing with up to three or four subcontractors on your order. California employment laws require subcontractors to work independently as contractors to the property owner. This means their personal and money claims for accidents and financial losses are secured against the homeowner’s property—even if the homeowner is blameless. Elizabeth Shutters takes 100% responsibility for your shutters and our employees. Our manufacturing, installation, re-measure technicians, and salespeople are employees of Elizabeth Shutters. None of them can independently place a lien on your property.

From no-shows, bad advice, and delays to unexpected fees, shoddy work, and leaving a mess, home improvement contracting is full of horror stories. It’s hard to trust anyone with a one-time project in your home, much less if they’re new or their reputation with customers is mixed. Elizabeth Shutters employs some of the most capable and dedicated professionals in the window-coverings industry. Installers and technical personnel’s average tenure with Elizabeth Shutters is nearly 16 years, and salespeople average over 12 years with Elizabeth Shutters and 20–25 years in the industry. Our experience and professionalism have made Elizabeth Shutters the highest-rated shutter manufacturer in California and one of the best in the world. Elizabeth Shutters’ personnel have earned the highest awards for “Best Shutter Company” and “Best Window Coverings Company” from Angie’s List, TrustLink, Customer Lobby, The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, and Orange County Register nearly every year for the past ten years. In addition to our D-52 contractors’ license, contractors’ bond, and workers’ compensation insurance, we carry $2 million general liability insurance.

Discount companies’ shutters usually come from Mexico or China and take weeks or months to arrive. If there’s a problem, the cycle starts over. Elizabeth Shutters manufactures shutters and doors in Colton, California. We guarantee custom deliveries in Northern California and, under normal conditions, proudly offer our industry-best, 28-working-day delivery in Southern California. Depending on availability, California rush orders may be delivered in as little as three to five days.

Offshore and discount manufacturers typically build “disposable” shutters meant to last a few years until they’re replaced. Unfortunately, over the past 10 years several hundred of these companies have gone out of business. Those that remain generally warranty shutters for two to five years, depending on whether they agree there is a problem. Elizabeth Shutters builds shutters to last a lifetime. We’ve been building shutters for over 40 years, and our warranties and standards are printed right on your contract:

  • Wear Items (staples and louver tension screws): Free replacement for one year. Free parts for life (we send them to you).
  • Finish: 10 years
  • Structure: Lifetime warranty and transferable to the next homeowner.

Promises of replacement parts, matching styles, and warranties don’t mean much if the company is gone. Elizabeth Shutters’ reputation for quality and customer satisfaction has been built over 40 years and made us the biggest and best shutter company in the West. We look forward to serving you and your family for generations to come.

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Elizabeth Shutters manufactures and sells locally crafted shutters, closet doors, specialty doors, shades, and blinds throughout California. Our experienced designers serve clients in Sacramento; San Diego; Coachella Valley; Los Angeles; the Central Coast from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz; San Jose; the Bay Area; and Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside, Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties.

We also offer global shipping, so you can enjoy our artisan craftsmanship wherever you reside.


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