Elizabeth Shutters is taking action to protect our environment.

Environmentalists and economists call pollution an externality: an unwanted side effect of individual or company behavior, shared by a larger community. Examples of relevant externalities include: the use of plastic and other non-sustainable resources for shutter materials; excess Volatile Organic Compound (greenhouse gas) emissions from outmoded painting processes; off-shoring material procurement and shutter manufacturing to countries that lack environmental controls.

Material: Elizabeth Shutters uses whole, North American Basswood, a sustainable and renewable resource. Basswood in the Great Lakes region is harvested on a sustainable yield basis. North American Basswood is grown faster than it is consumed, creating a net positive effect on carbon emissions, land utilization and greenhouse gases. Wood that fails Elizabeth Shutters’ quality standards, along with scrap and sawdust, is sold to other manufacturers, composters and soil amendment processors.

Coatings: Elizabeth Shutters uses acrylic lacquer paints: among the most polluting paint coatings available. Acrylics contain higher Volatile Organic Compound (greenhouse gas) content than less durable, water-borne paints. Unregulated, they damage local air quality and contribute to global warming. What sounds like an irresponsible act, however, is not. Elizabeth Shutters has invested in VOC remediation technology that converts our acrylic lacquer application into the CLEANEST process available. According to the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Elizabeth Shutters’ catalytic process converts 98.5% of its VOCs into harmless sub-components and operates significantly within the country’s most rigorous standards for coatings application. According to the manufacturer, Elizabeth Shutters is an outstanding model of pollution control and the only shutter company in the world with this technology.

Local Manufacturing: Elizabeth Shutters makes all its shutters in our Colton, California facility. Local manufacturing conserves fossil fuels (in shipping), generates local employment, and continues to meet some of the world’s most rigorous environmental standards for VOCs, waste disposal and materials’ usage.

Elizabeth Shutters’ commitment to green manufacturing has been recognized and honored by The Desert Sun, The Press-Enterprise, The Orange County Register, and The Los Angeles Times.

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Elizabeth Shutters is the only major U.S. shutter manufacturer to build our standard painted shutters with whole basswood and acrylic lacquer. We offer this product at the same price as others who employ cheaper finger-jointed or lesser products coated with water-based paints.

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